Market prospect of antibacterial masterbatch (sterilization masterbatch)?

Author:Zhantong company Date:2020.06.08 Views:1927

1、 Market prospect of antibacterial masterbatch (sterilization masterbatch)?
In daily life, products used in many scenes need to be treated with antibacterial agents, such as air conditioners, kitchen supplies, etc., which can breed bacteria quickly.People have higher and higher requirements for life, and the demand for anti bacteria and anti mildew is also increasing.

2、 What's the application range of antibacterial and mildew resistant products?
2.1 anti bacteria and anti mildew in household appliance industry

Refrigerator inner tank, door handle, door seal, inner barrel of washing machine, cover plate, air conditioner remote controller, ventilator, water receiving box, drinking water machine, dishwasher


2.2 anti bacteria and anti mildew in telecom industry

Telephone, mobile phone, pager, fax machine, floppy disk magnetic box, computer keyboard, mouse

2.3 anti bacteria and anti mildew of chemical building materials

Paint, paint, wallpaper, tablecloth, bathtub, toilet accessories, pipe, filter, tableware, sanitary ware, dirt bucket

2.4 anti bacteria and mould prevention in packaging industry

Preservative film, packaging film, food tray, beverage bottle, bottle cap, water purification bucket

2.5 medical and health antibacterial and mildew prevention

Medicine wrapping paper, medicine box, stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, infusion set, disposable gloves

2.6 anti bacteria and anti mildew of fiber products

Shower waterproof drapery, surgical suit, apron, insole, rag, dishwashing cloth, sanitary towel

2.7 office supplies antibacterial and mildew proof

Notebook, pencil, ballpoint pen, folder, office paper, mint paper

2.8 anti bacteria and anti mildew of toys

Wooden toys, chess toys, playing cards, mahjong

2.9 other antibacterial and anti mildew

Musical instruments, cigarette filters, rings handles of buses and subways, interior accessories of vehicles, seats, various cleaning brushes and toothbrushes

3、 Can antibacterial masterbatch be blown
Antibacterial masterbatch can be used in various plastic products, and membrane products can also use antibacterial masterpieces.Different products and different raw materials can be customized.

4. How much is antibacterial masterbatch per ton
In the market, all kinds of antibacterial agents and antibacterial masterbatch emerge in endlessly.Different customers can customize according to their own requirements, so the price is also high and low.Zhantong's antibacterial masterbatch includes silver antibacterial masterbatch, zinc antibacterial masterbatch and organic antibacterial masterbatch, which are suitable for PP, PE, ABS, PS and other materials.It is known that Haier requires antibacterial treatment for its refrigerators and washing machines.