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R & D team
Liu Yixing丨Dr.
Professor, Department of Physics, School of Science, Shanghai University

He is engaged in research in the fields of computational materials science in Nagoya University, Japan, Uhrich Research Center, Germany, Xi 'an, Canada, and California Institute of Technology, USA. In 2015, he began to work as a professor in the Department of Physics, School of Science, Shanghai University, and served as the deputy dean of the Institute of Materials Genome Engineering. Shanghai "Pujiang Talents", currently undertake the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology key research and development projects.

YangFuxin丨Dr.丨 Professor
Master's Supervisor and Director of Packaging Technology Research Institute, School of Food, Shanghai Ocean University

Long engaged in food manufacturing, food packaging new materials and new technology research, especially the research of functional film has been recognized and cooperation of many enterprises. Issued a package of more than 200 academic theses, publish academic works 10, bear the country more than 10 863 provincial scientific research projects, won the provincial department of science and technology progress prize 6 items.

Wu Jiandong丨Experts
Expert of National Health Industry Antibacterial Branch Expert Committee

Graduated from China National Textile University (now Donghua University) in February 1982, he has been engaged in the research and production of chemical fiber and polymer materials for a long time. Have polypropylene experts, antibacterial experts and other titles. He has won three provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. It has obtained eight technical patents. He has published more than 50 papers, including more than 30 as the first author.

HuangHezi丨Technical Advisor
General Manager of Shanghai Zhantong Industrial Co., Ltd

Yu Guilin polytechnic university graduation, polymer materials and engineering, the chemical industry association President, guilin university of technology, materials, secretary-general of Shanghai plastic industry association of professional committee of the antibacterial materials, from the perspective of genetic material using the material to analyze the generality of the research and development innovation, thus efficiently get material product design scheme.

Zeng Zhaopo丨R&D Director
R&D Director of Shanghai Zhantong Industrial Co., Ltd

Graduated from Donghua University, Ph.D., Senior Engineer, and First Class Constructor. More than 4 years of experience in the industrial application and development of graphene materials; We have conducted in-depth research on the applications of graphene in heat dissipation and thermal conductivity films, functional fibers, and water treatment films. Proficient in assembling and optimizing functional polymer structures.