Exhibitions and events

Exhibition Trailer | International Tape and Film Exhibition June 19-21, Shanghai Zhantong meets with you at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center 1T61-1 and is invited to give a speech
The 19th International Functional Film Exhibition&Film Flexible Packaging Exhibition in 2023 will be held from June 19th to 21st at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Shanghai Zhantong sincerely invites friends to visit and guide Zhantong booth (1T61-1), and looks forward to in-depth communication and cooperation with you. At the same time, the "2023 Functional Film Innovation and Development Industry Forum" and the "Shanghai Plastic Industry Association Plastic Functional Film and Sheet Special Committee Annual Meeting" activities will be held. At the annual meeting and forum, we invite member enterprises of the Plastic Functional Film and Sheet Materials Special Committee of the Association, as well as some related industry enterprises, to focus on new products, technologies, processes, applications, and trends in the functional film and packaging film sectors, to exchange and learn together, assist in the industrialization, transformation, and upgrading of functional thin films, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the functional film industry. Shanghai Zhantong was invited to participate in and participate in the forum. The company focuses on "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, and integrated solutions", helping enterprises upgrade equipment and welcome market opportunities.
06-05 / 2023