Exhibition company participated in the green packaging design seminar of Bright Dairy Industry

Author:Zhantong company Date:2021.03.19 Views:1273

On March 18, 2021, Chen Guokang, Secretary General of Shanghai plastics industry association, organized the upstream and downstream enterprises of the association to participate in the dairy packaging technology exchange seminar, which was held in Guangming Dairy Research Institute.Minister Zhou Guangming dairy, manager Cai, Secretary General Chen Guokang of Shanghai plastics industry association, Chairman Wu Weilin of Shanghai zhantong company, Secretary General Huang Hezai of antibacterial materials special committee of Shanghai plastics industry association, manager Bi of Shanghai Langyi new materials, and Fangxin packaging attended the meeting together.With the development of science and technology, people's awareness of health is increasing.More and more attention has been paid to the health of daily food packaging.Antibacterial technology is undoubtedly a life-saving straw for packaging materials.How to apply antibacterial materials to food packaging to prolong the service life and make the products more fresh-keeping?



Manager CAI of Bright Dairy put forward three demands for packaging: antibacterial, oxygen and light blocking1617255298(1).jpg


Wu Weilin, chairman of zhantong company, put forward two constructive green design schemes for the packaging of dairy products: 1. Carry out antibacterial, mildew proof and functional design for the packaging to extend the shelf life of dairy products; 2. Carry out anti sticking design for the inner packaging of dairy products to avoid the residual waste of yogurt.


General manager Wu hopes to cooperate with Bright Dairy in material development, make good use of the platform of zhantong Shangda green materials joint laboratory, strengthen technical development cooperation, and promote the development of green design of dairy packaging.