What is White Masterbatch? Shanghai zhantong company teaches you

Author:Zhantong company Date:2020.03.19 Views:1284

White Masterbatch, commonly known as White Masterbatch, is suitable for PPR pipes, pipe fittings (including elbow, tee and other white pipe fittings), white plastic barrels and white plastic bottles.The White Masterbatch of Shanghai zhantong company is widely used in blow molding, which is highly recognized by customers of plastic products in Shanxi, Shandong and Chongqing.


Properties of zhantong White Masterbatch: high covering, uniform dispersion, strong coloring power, etc.

Application proportion: according to the appearance requirements of customers, we can adjust the quantity of products, and the company recommends adding 2% - 5%.


Pigments: rutile titanium dioxide, DuPont titanium dioxide, anatase titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide content:50%

Light and weather resistant:4-8级

Melt index:21.6KG/200℃    10-30ɡ /10min

Dissolution temperature:140℃-220℃

Phase fusibility:PPR/PE/PP

Application fields: PPR pipes, PPR pipe fittings, white bottle caps, white plastic bottles, white plastic buckets, white plastic cans, etc.